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Current Projects

MP rumPy pumPy

Is a comedy short written and performed by Millicent.  A satirical soup of sex and Westminster.  She has also performed it live at the Museum of Comedy in Bloomsbury.  










Introductions Incognito

Cover and 6 page feature in The Sunday Times Magazine 28/10/18

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A project inspired by artists Sophie Calle, Cindy Sherman the TV show Psychobitches and female stock characters of mid twentieth century cinema.

Millicent disguises herself as various caricatures she has taken from classic cinema and has gone out, introduced herself to men and had conversations with them about identity and social politics.  

It's a satirical look at the dogma of the dating world and the roles that men and women play in modern relationships.  


Millicent has been writing a mystery novel set in Paris 1937 surrounding the cast of a Grande Revue at the Casino de Paris.  A diamond heist has a butterfly effect that reaches as far as Papua.  

Past Projects


"Up all Night" was the sex column Millicent wrote about her sex life on the Burlesque scene in The London Evening Standard.  It was weekly and had two million readers a week.

Kudos Productions worked with Millicent to develop her columns into a television drama along with a partner writer from Skins.  

Millicent has written features and interveiws for ES Magazine, The Evening Standard, Huffington Post aswell as some testimonials for women's products, Elvie and Mooncup

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