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Museum of Comedy
Millicent and Adam Mercer perform MP rumPy pumPy live at the Museum of Comedy
Introductions Incognito
Featured in The Sunday Times Magazine 28/10/87.

A project inspired by artists Sophie Calle, Cindy Sherman the TV show Psychobitches.

Millicent disguises herself as various caricatures she has taken from classic cinema and has gone out, introduced herself to men and had conversations with them about identity and social politics.  

It's a satirical look at the dogma of the dating world and the roles that men and women play in modern relationships.

You can buy prints of her Self Portraits below
Alison Jackson, Soho Theatre
Millicent is performing for Bafta award winning artist Alison Jackson in her play at the Soho Theatre 15th Jan-11th June 2018
Enchanted Harp
English Rose
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