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Writer & Performer

Millicent Binks Sunday Times Magazine Cover

“One woman who certainly seems empowered is Millicent Binks. Despite her giddy coquettishness, this is a woman whose head is firmly screwed on. “I was very inspired by the idea that you can be the sole creator of your acts and create your own persona” she says.”

Siobhan Norton 

"Millicent is London's own queen of burlesque, regularly performing at the capital's top cabaret nights.  Recognised on the cabaret scene & across Europe, Millicent also has a burlesque residency in Istanbul and has performed with Dita Von Teese herself in Paris.  She has also modelled for lingerie brand Agent Provocateur."​​

Jasmine Gardner



Since graduating with a BA (Hons) at Wimbledon College of Art in Costume Interpretation, Millicent has used costume and characterisation in everything she does.  It led her to pursue a performance career in burlesque in which she could costume herself and create personas.

After making a name for herself on the burlesque scene she got a weekly sex column in The London Evening Standard talking about her life in the burlesque world.  This had two million readers a week. 

Since then she has been writing a murder mystery novel set in 1937, surrounding the burlesque cast at the Casino de Paris.  

Her latest project is "Introductions Incognito".  She disguises herself as different women, takes self portraits, goes out, introduces herself to random gentlemen and writes down their reactions...