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Rugdoctor Valentines Campaign 2021

Millicent wrote, produced and performed in the 2021 Valentines Campaign for Rugdoctor Uk.

Ladies Have We Progressed? 1920's-2020's
Ladies, Have we Progressed? 1920's-2020's
For BBC Radio Suffolk



A satirical sketch exploring the moral relativism of feminine

values in the 1920’s and 2020’s.
Parallels can be drawn between many of the ways women see and have seen the world proving that we truly have not progressed.

In the most humorous fashion,
Violet and Alice live in a parallel universe of both eras.  Expressing their opinions that come from exactly the same place. A human place.

Directed and Shot by Armando de Ath Starring Millicent Binks and Angeline Hunt Costume and Props Mary Hunt

*Shortlisted for the Funny Women Awards 2020!

Ladies, Have We Progressed? 1920's - 2020's
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Alter Shego's
Alter Shego's



A project inspired by artists Sophie Calle, Cindy Sherman, Psychobitches and female stock characters of mid twentieth century cinema.  Millicent disguises herself as various caricatures and has gone out, introduced herself to men and had conversations with them about the social politics of dating.  


It's a satirical look at the dogma of the dating world and the roles that men and women play in modern relationships. 

It has been optioned by Carnival Films for TV.


You can read the article here.

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